The new MT-X CONCEPT represents the manifesto of “X” adventures to be faced when focused on a high-tech vision while living a present time in continuous motion. The unique styling of the graphics and colors combine to shape the right personality for a capable machine like the MT-X Concept. The colors breathe adventure and reflect a mature attitude to new challenges. At the same time, the CFMOTO motorcycle is infused with a strong racing spirit declined into fun and limitless exploration.

The MT-X CONCEPT inspires riders to define their limits, and ultimately shatter them. 

Main Highlights:

  • a muscular front end completed with a full LED headlight
  • a vertical 8” TFT touchscreen which is inspired by the navigation tower of rally bikes
  • floating side wings which recall the adventure bikes that marked an era of desert races.
  • 21” front wheel
  • high ground clearance
  • increased suspension travel 
  • rear panels
  • a flat rider’s seat
  • a slim tail.

675 Engine: The first three-cylinder engine developed by the Chinese brand 

The 675cc three-cylinder powerplant is a completely new in-house project with low weight, high durability, rapid acceleration (due to a low inertia crank), and smooth delivery (due to the FCC slipper clutch) that will equip new exciting models coming out in 2024. The engine will deliver a maximum torque of 68 Nm at 8250 rpm, a maximum power of over 100 HP, and will reach a peak of 12300 rpm. Those impressive numbers will lead our new vehicles to an impressive 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 3 seconds. 

The unit is forged from aluminum to reach a 10% weight reduction compared to similar motors. For our first-ever three-cylinder engine, the weight is limited to 55kg. Forged aluminum pistons contribute to 8% more strength compared to non-forged ones. 

All data from CFMOTO Engine Laboratory, specific data may vary for production vehicles.)



MT-X Concept has distinctive traits of an off-road DNA inhered from the rally-raid motorcycles which navigated the desert dunes.

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